OD Total Music Production

Music production tutorial videos? You’ve just landed on the best course online.


OD Total Music Production is the antidote to poor quality ebooks, shaky-cam videos by amateurs, and astronomically over-priced courses from institutions.

12 hours of clear, precise, music production tutorial videos will walk you through the studio from your first steps all the way to professional quality music production. Immediate access to our streaming HD videos will teach you everything you need to make amazing music – and we’ll save you money by using a specially curated selection of FREE pro quality instruments and effects!

YOU DON’T NEED ANY SOFTWARE ALREADY, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on PC or Mac; purchasing OD Total Music Production gets you immediate access to our members site where you will be able to watch our logically laid out, inspirational, professional quality HD music production tutorial videos and follow along to fulfil your dream of producing amazing music!

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[one_half]Welcome to OD Total Music Production, 12 hours of pro quality music production tutorial videos. Maybe you’re an existing reader of Oh Drat, or perhaps you’re a new reader. Either way, hi! My name’s Chris, and I’ve been making music for about 15 years, working as a tutor in colleges, youth centres, university social clubs and more. A couple of years ago I decided to start a website that would showcase fantastic music, talk about equipment, and of course show you all how it’s done with music production tutorial videos and guides. Hundreds of thousands of readers later, Oh Drat is here to stay! I’m a real person, and I’ll be with you every step of your musical journey, if you’ll have me!

When I started running Oh Drat, I looked around for what else was happening online to help guide aspiring music producers, beat makers, and musicians. I was horrified to find countless get-rich-quick schemes that promise naive and trusting new guys like you a fast track to making thousands of dollars selling beats to pros – and all you need to do it is their no-name software and a poorly written ebook. Not a single one of those schemes is worth the paper it’s printed on – and considering it’s on the internet, not a book, well..!

At the other end of the scale, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I started researching the prices of courses from established institutions – take a look and be amazed at prices anywhere between $600 and $3000 per course! It just doesn’t seem right. When I teach in colleges, youth centres, and other institutions, being able to reach people and share knowledge feels way more important than charging extortionate amounts for private sessions like I could. I wanted to bring that spirit to the internet and devise an amazing course of music production tutorial videos that, through the power of the web, can be distributed globally and thus for a knockout price. Of course, whenever I do anything it always turns into something waaay bigger than my original plan, and so OD Total Production was born!

You can trust Oh Drat, and I, Chris, am on hand if you have any questions – just email me.[/one_half]

Just take a look at what you get for a one-time purchase:

  • A curated list of completely free instrument and effect ‘plugins’ that will save you hundreds (or even thousands) of your hard earned cash!

  • Detailed setup and getting started guides that will stop you wasting money on things you don’t need and get you going immediately!

  • The music theory you need to know; tempo, time signature, scales, key – save hours of frustration and guesswork!

  • Harness the power of MIDI to control your instruments and effects! Learn how to save time editing, controlling synths, and automating your way to amazing evolving music!

  • In depth tutorials on synthesisers and how to control and create your own sounds from scratch – with easy to follow examples from beautiful IDM pads to tearing dubstep bass and way more!

  • How to record pro quality audio, re-time it, change its sound, and chop it up like the hip hop greats!

  • Hugely detailed effects section that doesn’t just explain what each effect is but also how it works and why!

  • Extensive routing, mixing, and mastering guides that will give you the power to give your music that pro polish!

  • How to export and share your music, and much more music production tutorial videos!

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Don’t just take my word for it though – in order to make sure we got everything right I enlisted the help of some early bird testers to tell us what they thought before we unleashed the course. The response was 100% positive; here’s a selection of what they had to say:

Jon Furst (Jon1st) Leicester, UK – Pro DJ & Producer, DROP, DMC Online World Champion

“OD Total Music Production is expertly and clearly presented and is very easy to follow even if you’re taking your first steps into the world of music production. All the foundations needed to get started in music production are covered and are explained really comprehensively, and even as someone with a couple of years experience using DAWs I encountered a few tips that were new and useful to my workflow. Having previously graduated from a full time beginner to intermediate level music production diploma course at a physical establishment myself, I can honestly say the Oh Drat course is on par, if not better, with similar lectures on working within DAWs that I received during my diploma course, and at a much lower cost. Having all the fundamentals clearly explained in one course like this will save newcomers a lot of time and give them the confidence they need to progress. A very worthwhile and affordable investment.

Pen Mulingbayan (RunBantayRun), Manilla, Phillipines

The amount of topics covered is outstanding, and OD Total Music Production is excellent value and perfectly clear. I wish I had seen this earlier. This LITERALLY would’ve saved me months and months of research and learning computer music production just by myself. Now I’ve taken the course I feel completely confident about music software and making music!”


Franco Baccarini (Centomila), Faenza, Italy

“I think OD Total Music Production can be really useful for all new and intermediate producers. The part about how all the effects work is wonderful. I’ve finally figured out how some things work in effects I’ve used millions of times! I’m not a total newbie anymore, but I’d totally suggest this to someone who is approaching music production. It’s simple and well explained. I hope you will make more courses in the future, I’d totally buy them if the level is the same as this course!”

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Save Hundreds – or More!

Best of all, OD Total Production has been developed to ensure you save money – lots of it. It’s developed around Reaper, the best kept secret in the pro audio industry. Reaper is a vastly powerful Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW (a fancy term for the software you use to make music). It’s a worthy competitor to software that costs ten times more – and it’s completely free to download and try with no restrictions. Reaper will never shut you out, but after a 30 day period or equivalent amount of usage you are asked to purchase a licence for $60. This means you don’t have to rush through the course and can dip in and out in your own time, and when you’re sure it’s for you you’ll be able to purchase a licence and get that warm feeling that comes with doing the right thing and not being a pirate.

As for the rest of the suite, we spent countless hours searching out and testing the software we use in the course and are proud to be able save you money by showing you an entire multi gigabyte library of stable, pro quality instruments and effects that are completely free! All this means that you can purchase OD Total Production and immediately dive in to the exciting world of music production with an entire pro studio at your fingertips without spending another penny - and when you’re comfortable with everything and buy a Reaper licence you will still have saved hundreds if not thousands on your software and have hours and hours of pro quality music production tutorial videos!

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Sneak Peek: Delay Effects

A big part of OD Total Production is a detailed look at all the major types of effects, including Delay, Distortion, Phasers and Flangers, Reverb, Filters, EQ, Compression – and subcategories of each of them too. We look at different ways of routing and combining effects and a whole bunch more – just take a look at this video on Delay, and rest assured that anything that is mentioned has already been referenced earlier in the course, so you’ll never be unsure of what’s going on:



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Your Questions

“Do I need a keyboard or any other equipment to take this course?”

Absolutely not! Our music production tutorial videos will show you how to use your computer’s keyboard as a musical keyboard, as well as how to do absolutely everything you can do with a studio full of hardware using just your keyboard and mouse. We will give you advice on how to expand your studio with keyboards, dedicated audio interfaces and more, but you don’t need to have anything more than your computer!

“Is my computer powerful enough?”

Almost certainly! If your computer is two-three years old or less then you’ll have no problems. If it’s a bit older it’s probably still going to be fine, and we’ll even give you advice on how to upgrade your computer on the cheap to squeeze even more power out of it. You can try things out risk free though, because our no quibbles money back guarantee will allow you to get a refund if your computer can’t run the software!


 ”What styles of music can I make with this course?”

Any style you like! We’re not just telling you how to ‘do this, then this, then this’ in OD Total Production, we show you how things work and why they work so that you can make any style of music you can think of! Whether it’s tearing dubstep bass like Skrillex or the more melodic sounds of Phaeleh, stadium filling club lead lines like Avicii, hip hop chops like J Dilla and DJ Premier, neo soul that Frank Ocean would sound amazing on, heavy drum and bass from the likes of Dilinja, breaks from Aphex Twin… with our music production tutorial videos the possibilities are endless, and you’ll blow people away with your ability to truly create your own sound!


“You keep talking about ‘pro quality’ software, but I’ve seen software that boasts that it’s easy to use and I won’t have to learn anything complicated. Wouldn’t that be better?”

No! Don’t be tempted by those kinds of ‘deals’, they’re a waste of money, don’t give you any artistic freedom, and are usually essentially video games that you just drag and drop pre made sounds and low quality effects. OD Total Production is based on professional quality software, and we will show you how it works in simple and plain terms. For the same amount of effort as one of those ‘Million Dollar Beatmaker Pro’ deals you’ll have vastly more power at your fingertips, more expandability, and more freedom. The worst thing you can do is get a taste for making music using low quality software and then have to learn everything all over again the proper way – not to mention buy the software you should have in the first place – when you realise how constricting it is. Remember, we’re not selling software, we’re selling tuition that will give you the ability to operate pro level equipment!

“I have already tried to get started with music making and I am not using Reaper. Is this still the right course for me?”

Definitely! The reason we have chosen Reaper for OD Total Production is because it is incredibly powerful, looks fantastic, and is an absolute bargain. Be honest, are you using cracked software or software that you’ve downloaded ‘free’ from a dodgy site? You run the gauntlet every time you open a piece of software like that; a lot of pirated software has viruses hidden in the installers and even if it’s clean cracked software is always less stable than legitimate versions and there’s no support if you don’t have a licence. Even if you really don’t want to use Reaper, you’ll still be able to follow along with 80% of our music production tutorial videos, including all the synth and sound design tutorials, the effects tutorials, chopping up samples, and more!


“How long will it be before I can make finished tracks I’m proud of after buying OD Total Production?”

OD Total Production will tell you everything you need to be able to make amazing music but, honestly, the inspiration has to come from within! That’s why we decided not to go with a gimmicky ‘Make a Hit Single in 7 Days’ style course, because we believe that you’ll respect us more for being honest. If you’re looking for a paint by numbers course that you can use to ‘fool’ your friends then perhaps this isn’t the course for you – the whole point of music is to be able to express yourself, so OD Total Production focuses on how to get the sounds out of your head onto a record and not simply copy what we’ve done. What would be the point in that? That said, as a ball park figure if you’re really dedicated you should be able to make your first finished track pretty much as soon as you’ve finished the 12 hours of music production tutorial videos, or maybe even less if you learn as you go! You’ll find that because we teach how and why things work you’ll be empowered to just get better and better over time, rather than hitting a brick wall after running out of things to copy.


“Can I use my iPad/tablet/mobile device with OD Total Production?”

Yes! You will need a PC or Mac computer to actually use the software and complete the course, but OD Total Production, from the text to the music production tutorial videos themselves, is designed to scale beautifully on tablets and mobile devices so that you can use it as a reference side by side with your computer!


“Is this worth the money when there’s free stuff all over YouTube?”

Without a doubt! Granted, there’s a vast number of ‘tutorials’ on YouTube, but most of them are extremely low quality, both in terms of audio, video, and subject matter, and performed by people who don’t really know what they’re talking about themselves – much less are able to show you how and why things work. Even if you do find a gem here and there, piecing together information from loads of different sources leaves huge gaps in your understanding. Perhaps the biggest bonus to OD Total Production is that we base it around our specially curated list of software that won’t cost you a penny, so that you can have exactly the same thing on your computer as we use in our tutorials!

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Sneak Peek: Introduction to Synthesis

You’ll learn exactly how a synth and all its component sections work in OD Total Production. This introduction lays the groundwork for the rest of the synth section, which includes full videos on Oscillators, Filters, Envelopes, LFOs, and all the other parts to a synth, as well as example led workshop tutorials where we create Basslines, Sub Bass, Lead Lines, Pads and Atmospherics, and more! Remember – any references or terminology you might not understand in this video will already have been covered earlier in the course!


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Buy With Confidence: Personal Support & Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be able to trust us at OD. I have worked unbelievably hard to bring you this course of professional quality music production tutorial videos at a vastly lower price than the competition because I think that everyone should have a chance to enjoy making music and get expert help in doing so. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve poured my heart and soul into OD Total Production. You may have seen courses and software that say ‘all sales are final’ – and that’s because as soon as you’ve fallen for the sales pitch the people selling don’t want anything more to do with you, especially as you’ll find out how amateurish what you’ve just paid for is as soon as you open it.

If you have any issues with OD Total Production or questions about music making in general then I, Chris, will be just an email away to help you out – promise.

If your computer’s not fast enough to run the software we use, English isn’t your native language and you can’t understand what I’m saying (although I do speak slowly and clearly throughout!), or you just don’t think the music production tutorial videos are any good, let us know within 30 days and I’ll personally make sure you’re refunded the full amount. I know that in 30 days you could take the course multiple times over and get everything you need from it and then just lie to get a free ride, but trust goes both ways – I want you to feel comfortable in your purchase, and I’m putting my faith in the common decency of my fellow man/woman!

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Contact Us

If you’ve any questions about OD Total Music Production and our music production tutorial videos, please feel free to email me directly at support@ohdratdigital.com and I’ll be happy to help!

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The Small Print

Abuse of our system, including but not limited to account sharing, hacking, downloading resources, malicious communications and deliberate attempts to receive benefits through fraudulent means may result in your account being suspended or terminated and our agreement void.

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