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Sampler Based Audio Editing (Part 1)


Our special Independence Free trick is to create an alias (on Mac) or shortcut (on Windows) to your Reaper Media folder and place it in the Yellow Tools Root folder. To create a shortcut right click the folder and select Make Alias/Create Shortcut. By default the Reaper Media folder is in My Documents (or just Documents on a Mac)/Reaper Media, and the  Independence Free installer will tell you where it is going to put the Yellow Tools Root folder, so keep an eye out!

This trick should allow you to import files to Independence Free that are located in your Reaper Media folder, but if you can’t seem to get it to work then it’s not the end of the world – you’ll just have to place sounds you want to import directly in the Yellow Tools Root folder. You could even start saving your projects inside the Yellow Tools Root Folder rather than relying on a shortcut/alias, as this will automatically put your recorded media into the right place.