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Sharing Your Music

Once you’ve exported your finished track, it’s time to show the world! Here are some tips and advice about how and where…


When you export an mp3 file you can add tags and artwork too it, called ID3 tags. Doing this is really easy – you can do it in the player you use to play your music, be it iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player or anything else. Just look for ‘get info’, ‘edit’, or the equivalent, somewhere on the software or behind a right click on the song – check the below screenshot for how to do it in iTunes – and any changes you make will save directly into the mp3 file!



SoundCloud is a place where you can upload and share your music, and connect with other musicians in a social network way like Twitter or Facebook. It’s free for a basic account, and you won’t need to upgrade for quite a while. It’s a great way to send people music that they can stream immediately and comment on, and it’s great for uploading rough drafts, ideas, sketches and so on that you would like feedback on. You can embed SoundCloud tracks into other pages really easily.



When you’re ready to release an EP, album, or even single with B side etc, BandCamp is amazing. It’s completely free to use, and you can allow people to download music for free or at any price! BandCamp is best for when you have a finished project, as it gives you a very neat and attractive way to present finished work. Just like SoundCloud you can embed a variety of attractive song players into other websites.



If you just want to send someone a file privately, sometimes the old ways are the best. You can probably get away with emailing, in fact, but Sendspace is a simple way to send files. You simply upload the file then get a link that you can share with whoever you like. If you want to upload multiple files at once, it’s easiest to ‘zip’ them up. To do this on Mac, select the files you want to zip, right click, and choose ‘Add to archive’ from the menu. On Windows, do the same thing except when you right click you need to hover over ‘Send to…’ and then select ‘Compressed file’. Simple!

Show Us!

We would absolutely love to hear your masterpieces, and I’d be happy to give you any feedback you want. Just email me the links to your SoundCloud, BandCamp, or Sendspace pages (please don’t email the files directly though, as my inbox fills up!) and I’ll get back to you!