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Welcome Early Birds!

Hi guys,

Thanks for becoming an early bird and helping us out! This course will be priced around $97, and as promised you’re getting it for free in exchange for your input!

We’re 99% done with regards uploading and arranging videos now so the course is more or less how it’ll appear to paying members – but please do let us know if you spot anything!

Here’s the email we sent you:

In the early stages you may notice issues with the design and so on, there may be a couple of videos missing to begin with, certain sections may switch around, and text sections including text underneath the videos (if it’s alluded to in the video – there aren’t many videos that refer you to text explanations) may not be finalised. This will of course all be ironed out by the time the course goes on sale, but you’re in a unique position of being able to see how it all comes together ;)
That said, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with anything that doesn’t seem right. If you see a video with a/v errors in it, or one that doesn’t seem to correspond to the page title, or indeed anything else, just fire me an email.
Because of the length of the course, we don’t expect you to exhaustively go through every single minute of it for your testimonials! It’s perfectly okay to take a look at a specific section, for instance how to control a synth or how to chop samples, and tell us what you think about that. Please just ensure you take the scope of the course in and make sure you’re comfortable with everything.
Please send over your thoughts in your own words asap, and we’ll send you a short  questionnaire with key points we want your opinion on in the next couple of days.

Thanks again, and please email me with any issues!